EdCampus The Future

A space where learning lives

Introducing the next revolution in education – EdCampus™ Twin Cities – a state-of-the-art, boundary-breaking, collaboration-building destination for learning and innovation.

EdCampus™ combines students from diverse institutions, backgrounds and disciplines into one dynamic campus – outfitted with the best available technology, customizable space and student-centric services.

With the goal of advancing access, choice and diversity in education, EdCampus™ mitigates the costly and lengthy process that institutions face when building their own facilities by making premium space available on-demand.

A learning tree with interchangeable branches

An iconic space of ever-changing dimensions, EdCampus™ offers superior adaptability and technology. The walls, ceilings, floors and interior architecture of EdCampus™ are all moveable, which allows tenants to customize learning environments for their unique needs.

EdCampus™ offers the most advanced technology available today and the capacity to support the technology of the future.

EdCampus™ features learning environments that foster creativity, ingenuity, collaboration and academic advancement, in new and unexpected ways. The EdCampus™ building design seeks to create a collaborative learning environment by using a “heart” to connect multiple classroom wings. The aesthetic spirit of the building provides a modern interpretation of classic building elements such as colonnades and public plazas. The design evokes a sense of community connectivity, stability, and permanence, while at the same time reaching towards the future by contributing to the long-term sustainability of society with visible green technology.

EdCampus™ as the Perfect Host

EdCampus™ offers premium learning opportunities for students in post secondary education, whether they’re on a traditional college track or are gaining new skills as corporate professionals.

Possible offerings include:

  •     traditional two- and four-year post secondary education
  •     career-based training
  •     post graduate, technical, and vocational programs
  •     community education
  •     recertification curriculums
  •     advanced placement options for high school students

EdCampus™ will provide student services designed to support and enhance the lifestyle needs of learners of all ages, such as an e-library, retail offerings, outdoor classrooms, “plug and play” study spaces, and lounges where students can mingle and relax.

Our Location

At a Glance

  • The facility is expected to house up to 138 custom classroom environments and 42 labs.
  • 540,000 total square feet, with 183,000 square feet of classroom space.
  • 115,000 square feet dedicated to student services, retail, corporate training spaces, lecture spaces and administrative offices.
  • Flexible learning spaces will include high-tech, turnkey classrooms called “E-Pods”, which will meet 2020 classroom standards for flexibility, technology, and furnishings.
  • Multi-modal transit center that offers convenient access for students across the region
  • Spectacular 101-acre campus
  • Seamless integration with community vision
  • Exquisitely-designed outdoor classroom environments
  • Public spaces for community education or informal gatherings

 The initial location of EdCampus™ is the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN metro area. This is a marketplace replete with existing higher educational institutions and a heritage for public participation in education.